Plumbing service from Scharnweber's means quality whether it is repairing water lines, replacing your sink, toilet or bathtub or servicing your water heater. Scharnweber's offers solutions for residential plumbing, city water and sewer needs,  and water conditioning.

Licensed Master Plumbers on Staff

Don't trust your plumbing systems to just anyone. Trust the licensed master plumbers at Scharnweber's for your home maintenance or home improvement projects to get the job done right and to your satisfaction.  Scharnweber's also works on the construction for new homes and additions.

Scharnweber's provides water heater service and replacement, sink, toilet, bathtub and garbage disposal repair and replacement, water leak repair and replacement of water lines.



City Water and City Sewer Services and Repair

Scharnweber's works with people’s homes within a community and the whole community where they live. Scharnweber's installs, upgrades, and repairs city water and city sewer services in Albion, Chelsea, Clutier, Dysart, Ferguson, Hartwick, Montour and Tama.

City water and city sewer services include such gas or natural gas appliance installation, annual gas tests, gas leak repair and installation of new gas lines. Sewer services include septic tank installation (gravity or mechanical), sewer line repair and drain line cleaning.

Rural Plumbing Services

Rural plumbing services for customers living in the country and rural communities differs greatly from those living in town, but they still have the same basic needs; a ready supply of clean water and reliable septic systems. Scharnweber's is here to provide the best and cleanest water and dependable septic services. Rural plumbing services include:

Water Well Services

  • Replacement and repair of Goulds/Red Jacket submersible water well pumps (Express service available)
  • Replacement and repair of water well pressure tanks and components
  • Water Softening: Removes hardness minerals in well water
  • Water well shocking to clean well casing and disinfect water lines
  • Water Well Oxidation to remove Iron, Sulfur, Manganese, and other odors.
  • Water well filtration to remove sediments


Septic System Services

Septic Systems operating efficiently is vital. Depending on the size of your family and household water use, the average septic tank should be pumped and cleaned once every 3 to 5 years to avoid more costly problems. Scharnweber's offers cleaning and replacement of septic tanks and can even build, service and install gravity septic tanks and mechanical septic tanks. Contact Scharnweber's to learn more.

Contact Scharnweber's today with questions or call toll free at (800) 542-7980 for questions or to request a water softener estimate. The Scharnweber's experts in Waterloo, Toledo and Ames, Iowa are here to help you.